The natural features of kangaroo leather makes it perfect to be used for gloves without tearing during high stress loadings.

Our kangaroo leather is thin and light yet features the highest strength. Our gloving leather is produced with a special reinforcing tannage which resists sweat damage. A range of technologies can be added to make our leathers suitable for specialist glove applications:

Aqua-Shield water resistance keeps hands drier for longer.

Hi-Fast technology creates an ultra strong bond between the dye and the leather for high colour fastness and no bleed.

Phoenix fire resistance works deep in the fibre structure and activates in extreme thermal situations to protect the wearer.

Enhanced grip using special textured designs and/or Friktion which provides a ‘sticky’ grip in wet or dry conditions.

All these technologies have been designed to fit with the natural attributes of kangaroo leather and maintain the softness and dexterity that gloves require.